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Theory of International Law

Foreword by Professor Hubert THIERRY

Nice, Forum International, 2003, 223 p.

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« This book is the first one on international law written by a French author which is published directly in English.

According to the opinion expressed by the President Hubert Thierry in the foreword, this book puts the stress on three particularly interesting points.


The first one is “Jean Touscoz’s commitment, not in the political but in the ethical sense of the term”.

Certainly this synthetic theory of international law is thus based on positivist methodology as universally admitted. The positivist methodology therefore does not prevent us from considering the unity of mankind and the universal common goal and from obtaining a global vision of man and mankind ; in fact, international law aims to achieve a more human world in order to realise the “natural” order which exists in each man’s personal conscience. For christians in particular, international law aims to introduce this merciful love, which is the messianic message heralded by the Gospel for personal and social relations. “Throughout the book (Touscoz) shows this conviction, not implying that he is staying from positive law, but rather that this law should be examined and evaluated in the light of this conviction”.


The “second remarkable point” concerns the importance given to subjects of international law other than states i.e international organisations, international corporations, non governmental organisations ( among which Jean Touscoz includes the Catholic Church as distinct form the Vatican State) and above all the individual. The recent evolution, especially in the field of criminal international law  “clearly confirms the evolution of the law in the sense of its direct applications to individuals” (who contributes also, as subject of international law to the elaboration of international rules and institutions.


Finally, “a third remarkable point” in Jean Touscoz’s book is the place given to economic international law, which is  seen as much from the point of view of freedom and security in exchanges and investments as with regard to development  (and environment).


On these subjects Jean Touscoz is a specialist and the rigour of his development and orientation illustrates very clearly that financial liberalism is compatible with an indomitable commitment to human rights ».


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Présentation complète et table des matières de l'ouvrage (format PDF - Fournies par l'éditeur).


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Jean TOUSCOZ, Professeur de droit international et Président d'honneur de l'Université de Nice Sophia-Antipolis, est directeur du Centre d’Etudes et de Recherches sur la Coopération Internationale (C.E.R.C.I.).


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